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5 transferable that employees are looking for:

You are likely to have a whole set of transferable skills that you can showcase to an employer. whether you gained it from sports, hobbies or voluntary work.

1. Listening attentively-

Being a good listener is important, it allows you to understand what is expected of you but also demonstrates that you care about what other people have to say. You may have gained this skill whilst being in education or in the classroom.

2. Intiating new ideas-

New ideas are necessary for improvement being interested in new possibilities creates passion and having new things to work on allows you to gain momentum. You may have gained this skill when facing a problem and needing a new strategy to tackle it.

3. Managing time wisely-

Time management affects your productivity at work. It is important to achieve your goals but also prioritise tasks which need attention and time management allows you to do this. You may have gained this skill when working on multiple assignments at once whilst reaching deadlines.

4. Solving problems-

Problem solvers can judge and act quickly when problems arise. Sometimes things are time sensitive and require quick solutions. You may have gained this skill during extra curricular activities such as sports or Duke Of Edinburgh.

5. Providing support for others-

This helps build relationships with your colleagues and allows you to have a more pleasant work environment. You may have gained this in your personal relationships

Remember that your CV is the first impression you make on any employer so ensure you spell check and present yourself in the best light. Make sure that your CV is always updated and you are aware of the job role you are applying for- we see many applicants who send their CV to every vacancy and when it's time for the interview they are unaware of the role they have applied for - this leaves a bad impression. Follow these tips and add your own flair to it.

Best of luck!


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