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Employers and connected companies with a total annual pay bill of over £3m will be paying the apprenticeship levy.  It may be that you’re about to cross that threshold and would like more information so here’s the lowdown.

The apprenticeship levy came into effect in 2017 to support all employers with apprenticeships.


The levy is payable by large employers with a pay bill of over £3 million.  Employers pay 0.5% of their total annual pay bill and have an annual allowance of £15,000 if they’re not connected to another company or charity.  They access their apprenticeship levy funds via the online apprenticeship service.


The levy is paid monthly and can only be used on apprenticeships.  Any unspent levy funds go back into the pot and are used to fund apprenticeships for smaller employers.


We can help you maximise your apprenticeship levy by analysing your organisations’ training gaps and selecting appropriate apprenticeship programmes to help meet these needs.


If you are unable to spend your apprenticeship levy we can also put you in touch with smaller employers in your chosen area or sector to help you transfer your levy funds giving you choice of where your apprenticeship levy is used.


(non-levy employers)


Employers with an annual pay bill of £3m and under will not be paying the apprenticeship levy and will reserve apprenticeship funding via the online apprenticeship service.


You’ll need an apprenticeship service account and we provide guidance on how to set this up.  Once this is set up we can reserve apprenticeship funding on your behalf, add apprentices and recruit apprentices.  The account is yours but we can help as much or as little as you need to make the whole process as easy as possible.


Large levy paying employers are able to transfer some of the unused apprenticeship levy funding to you and we could help facilitate this if needed.



Employers recruiting new hires between 1st April 2021 to 30th September 2021 that start their apprenticeship can apply for the government incentive of £3,000.  They must have an apprenticeship start date between 1st April 2021 to 30th November 2021.


Employers that put employees or new hires aged 16-18 years old (or up to 24 years old with an EHCP) through an apprenticeship programme are eligible for the government incentive of £1,000.


We are very active within our local communities.


Our team regularly goes into schools to talk to groups of pupils at school or college about apprenticeships and our wider offer. 

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