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Becoming an apprentice


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I'm so  glad i chose to do an apprenticeship over a degree


Product Designer


Degree or Apprenticeship?

What is it really like being an apprentice? We had a chat with a former apprentice at EEV Training.

Our 22 year old apprentice had previously completed her GCSE's and ALevels, when asked about why she decided to do an apprentice she said: "I decided to do an apprenticeship as all throughout my school years I never knew what career I wanted to get into, and upon leaving school I still didn’t know. I decided not to go to University for this reason, as I didn’t want to commit 3+ years of further education in a subject I may never go into or use that qualification after."


Deciding not to go into further education is a hard decision, especially when society places so much importance in getting a degree and following the standard route. We wanted to know our apprentices experience in the recruitment process: "My recruitment process was that I got the job as an admin in a brand new start-up company, who wanted to expand and grow their company and branding. The employers sat down and spoke to me about what may interest me, and what would in turn benefit them, which is when we decided upon digital marketing, and my company got in touch with an apprenticeship provider. The process of finding and starting an apprenticeship is easier than you may think."


People claim that getting a degree gives you a guaranteed pass for getting a job, but as you may know, this is not always the case. We are living in unprecedented times and job seekers are in great number. An Apprenticeship allows you to learn skills on the job, our apprentices current role "is System and MI Administrator, with Digital Marketing on the side. My apprenticeship taught me the skills on how to market our company, which I still use in my day to day life. Although my role is not solely Marketing, it was a stepping stone to promotions into other areas of the company.

The skills I learnt definitely served as an advantage, due to me having no previous experience in marketing at all. I learnt how to market and promote our company, Ads, analytics, SEO’s and more. This allowed me to grow our following, our partners/learners. Everything I had learnt has been implemented across the company, and since I started 3 years ago the company and their audience has multiplied massively. In my opinion I am so glad I chose to do an apprenticeship over a degree. Choosing this route has allowed me to learn a new skill as well as earn money over its course, and work my way up through the company at a young age, which I wouldn’t have been able to do so quickly had I gone to university. I have managed to learn a lot of life skills and communication skills through the apprenticeship route, due to interacting with other members of staff and companies, as well as learning how business work from the inside."


So what has our apprentices experience with EEV Training been like?


"My experience at EEV Training / EET Group has been great. This was my first job out of school, and I was their first employee when they first opened, and I have been here 3+ years now. This company really puts their employees and learners above anything else, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience of entering the world of work. I have managed to work my way up through the company, and I have felt supported, and listened to at every stage. The staff here are very invested in you achieving and I am glad I’m a member of the team."


If you, like our apprentice don't know what career you want to go into and want to be able to gain the skills and experience at the same time then get into contact with us today and we will match you with an apprenticeship that best suits you!

Work-based learning is a game changer

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